Sanjeev Mansotra began learning and ins and outs of business and trade at an early age. Learning directly from his father, Sanjeev fell in love with the process of starting as well as operating a business. As a matter of fact, he still attributes his success to his father to this day. Ever since he was still young, Sanjeev knew in his heart that owning his company is something that he would very much like to accomplish one day. With that goal in mind, it fueled his success and empowered him to reach further than all his peers at an early age.

Sanjeev Mansotra | Early Years

He recalls dedicating much of his adolescent years as well as young adulthood to learning everything there is about establishing a business and making sure that it operates smoothly within a short period of time. Over the years, Sanjeev Mansotra quickly found himself dreaming about having his own company. He had a few ideas in mind, but wanted to make sure that he had the resources and knowledge to do it right the first time.

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Soon after graduating from University, Sanjeev Mansotra embarked on his first business venture. He initially stepped foot into the Steel and Iron Industry. The company he built quickly thrived under his guidance as well as leadership. In fact, it became profitable and self sustaining within just a year. Furthermore, it continued to grow and expand at an exponential rate in the following years.

With the founding of his first ever company, Sanjeev finally fulfilled a lifelong goal of being an entrepreneur.

Legacy | Current Projects

On this personal website, Sanjeev Mansotra hopes to serve as a beacon of inspiration for others like himself. Others that are hoping to become entrepreneurs or start businesses of their own. In addition to his prior businesses, he is currently a new career path, one that will continue to allow him to exercise his expertise and passion as an entrepreneur.