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As a firm believer in continuing to educate one self, Sanjeev takes joy in reading and blogging about current events. He takes particular interest in the role of education in one’s journey to self improvement. As a matter of fact, he has written and published numerous opinion pieces on vocational schools and how they can help individuals secure a career. Choosing Medium as his primary platform of blogging, he has blogged about a multitude of topics. These topics range from agriculture, productivity, solar & renewable energy, and education. He also takes particular interest in the effects of these topics in developing regions such as Africa.

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Sanjeev Mansotra Explains How AI-Related Curriculum Can Prepare Children for Success in the New World – Sanjeev Mansotra | Official Website

As the 2010s come to a close, the changes in technology across the planet are even more profound than many of us expected. Technology in the classroom is now standard fare, with artificial intelligence being the next step, although for some it can seem a reluctant one.

Vocational School and The Importance of Developing A Trade

Vocational training is a type of training that takes students through a skill-based curriculum. Students learn the practical aspects of a vocation which equips them with defined competencies. Career colleges or vocational schools offer programs in a wide range of fields including healthcare, computer technology, skilled trades, as well as office management.

What Is Agriculture Mechanization and How Does It Benefit Crop Productivity According to Sanjeev...

What is Agriculture Mechanization? The term agriculture mechanization or mechanized agriculture refers to the use of machines to farm. Before the industrial revolution took flight, farming was mostly done using human labor and animals like horses, cattle, and mules. As the technologies used to build machines matured, tools like the tractor (a mechanized plow) entered the agricultural industry. In addition, agriculture..

Sanjeev Mansotra Looks at 7 Core Benefits of Agricultural Mechanization in Africa

The practice of using machinery in whole or part to mechanize the work of farm work - otherwise known as agricultural mechanization - is on the rise in Africa and many other parts of the planet, due to the confluence of factors including: The growth of small and mid-sized farms, which are relying heavily on tractors and other types of machinery and equipment.

Sanjeev Mansotra Provides 4 Ways that Businesses in Africa Can Benefit from Switching to Renewable...

Extreme weather triggered by climate change and rampant, in some cases fatal levels of pollution are threatening to do more than diminish core economic growth. In some developing regions in Africa, where one in four people are undernourished, the situation is life-threatening.

Sanjeev Mansotra Suggests 3 Ways to Stop Climate Change and Pollution Devastation in Africa and...

While climate change and pollution are core issues across the planet, they are especially critical in Africa. According to statistics published by the United Nations' Environment Assembly, across low-income countries in Africa more than 25 percent of all deaths are attributable to environmental causes, such as infections, parasitic illnesses, and nutritional deficiencies.